How to mint

  1. Buy with a credit card using Stripe on
  2. Mint with Avax crypto (Link to instructions)
  3. Buy Avax with credit card on Moonpay (Link to instructions)

How to Mint the A3 NFT on the Avalanche Blockchain with Moonpay

  1. Click “GO MINT ”
  2. Find the MoonPay pop up integration on your browser
  3. Enter your eth/Avalanche wallet address
  4. The Amount of fiat currency will be shown in AVAX with included gas fee to ensure transaction success.
  5. Enter your email Address to receive a confirmation code then fill in basic online purchasing information.
  6. Input one of the following payment methods to purchase A3 NFT: Credit/debit card (including MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, and American Express), Apple Pay, Google Pay.
  7. The AVAX will be in your wallet where you can continue purchasing your A3 NFT.

How to Swap Ether for AVAX (Core Wallet)

  1. Install the official Core Wallet Extension via your Google browser or Brave browser
    1. IMPORTANT: Please make sure you download the official Core app offered by Ava Labs.
  2. Install the official Core Wallet Extension via your Google browser or Brave browser
    1. Fund your Core wallet via an exchange like Coinbase
    2. If you already have ETH in a different wallet, send it to your Ethereum Mainnet Core wallet address.
  3. Bridge your Ether to AVAX
    1. Click the “ + “ on the bottom right of the Core wallet.
    2. Go to the bridge icon and input the amount of ETH you want to transfer to the Avalanche C-Chain
    3. Once the transfer has begun, You'll see that your ETH has been wrapped(WETH). Give it a few minutes to complete!
    4. When transfer has finished, you can click on the "+" button again and swap your WETH for AVAX
    5. Review your order then press "Send Now"
    6. Double check your transaction in the "View in Explorer"

How to Swap Ether for AVAX (Metamask Wallet)

  1. Install the official Metamask Wallet Extension via your Google browser, Brave browser, or Apple/Android application
    1. IMPORTANT: Please make sure you download the official Metamask applications
  2. Fund your Metamask wallet
    1. Fund your Metamask Wallet via an exchange like Coinbase
  3. Adding the Avalanche C-chain on Desktop
    1. Open your Metamask extension
    2. Click on the Ethereum Mainnet in the middle of the wallet
    3. Press “Add Network”
    4. You will have to add the network manually so please do so carefully
      1. Network Name: Avalanche Network
      2. New RPC URL:
      3. ChainID: 43114
      4. Symbol: AVAX
      5. Explorer:
  4. Adding the Avalanche C-chain on Mobile
    1. Open your Metamask Application
    2. Tap the Ethereum Main Network button on the top middle of the screen
    3. Press “Add Network”
    4. Go to “Add Network” and search through the popular networks
    5. You should see “Avalanche Mainnet C-Chain”
    6. Click on it, review the details which should mirror the manual input above
    7. Once you have verified the information, Approve the network to add
    8. Switch through different networks at the top of your Metamask Wallet to get tothe Avalanche Mainnet C-Chain
  5. Bridge your Ether to Avalanche
    1. Head to
    2. Select the token you want to bridge
    3. Press “Add Network”
    4. After double checking you have chosen the correct token, press transfer
      1. Note: If you bridge ETH to AVAX make sure the total amount is greater than $75. This will allow for a small airdrop of AVAX so you have enough gas to swap your WETH to AVAX.
    5. The next page will show you the gas fee and total, double check your transaction then press the confirm button
    6. You will then be sent to the confirmation page. Be patient as this may take up to 10 minutes. Please follow the instructions below
      1. *Important* On this page, click the metamask logo under the add token text to add the suggested token
        1. It will take you to a page where you can switch to the Avalanche C-chain Network.
        2. After you switch to the Avalanche Network, you can add the suggested token
      2. On the same confirmation page, you can check the status of your transaction by clicking “Waiting for Confirmations”
  6. Swap your WETH.e to AVAX
    1. Head to a Defi platform of your choice
      1. Suggestion:
    2. Connect wallet (Always double check links and sites before connecting your wallet to anything)
    3. Select your WETH.e to swap for AVAX