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Introducing A3, designed by AMBUSH®︎. This 3D NFT created in collaboration with Avalanche authenticates your limited edition chrome red Lighter Case Necklace that comes with each NFT mint.

Join our Token2049 challenge for a chance to receive an exclusive friends and family POW! ENERGON NFT ring AND its physical companion, a one-of-a-kind IRL POW! ENERGON ring!! Join our community to learn more.



The A3 Lighter Case Necklace designed by AMBUSH®

Official A3 NFT to verify ownership of your necklace

The chance for all inclusive trips to party with AMBUSH at exclusive IRL events

Exclusive allowlist access to all future AMBUSH, OP3N and AVAX projects

Monthly challenges to earn AMBUSH physical goods (sneakers, apparel, jewelry) for holders

IRL and URL exclusive event access to all holders


AMBUSH® began as an experimental jewelry line – innovative pop art-inspired designs capturing a distinct Tokyo aesthetic. AMBUSH® evolved into designing unisex collections and made it’s Paris debut in 2015 with YOON & VERBAL being listed as two of Business of Fashion’s Top 500 people influencing the global fashion industry for 5 consecutive years and HYPEBEAST 100 list for 8 consecutive years. AMBUSH®’s uniquely crafted parts form an idiosyncratic style that led to commissions and collaborations with an illustrious list that includes Louis Vuitton (Kim Jones), sacai, UNDERCOVER, Off-White, Moët & Chandon, Bvlgari, Nike, CONVERSE, Rimowa, and GENTLE MONSTER. In 2022, AMBUSH® presented the brand’s first runway at Milan Fashion Week and launched its proprietary metaverse SILVER FCTRY. Its first POW!® NFT collection sold out in minutes, ranking it among the top 10 projects on Opensea, and the second most transacted NFT from Japan at the time of its debut.

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What is A3?
A3 is playing a key role in revolutionizing the authentication of fashion and lifestyle forever on the Avalanche/AVAX blockchain. These NFTs will also allow for ‘First in Line’ Perks in future Avax x Op3n drops.
What is AVAX?
AVAX, also known as Avalanche, is the fastest smart contract platform in the blockchain industry, measured by time to finality! Plus, it’s low cost and eco-friendly.
How much is an A3 NFT and when can I claim the necklace?
12.5 AVAX + gas fees and more info on claiming coming soon!
What is OP3N?
OP3N is a first-of-its-kind super app that integrates all aspects of NFTs from creation to minting to community building. Join the A3 community on the OP3N app: for exclusive access to the OP3N ecosystem.